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Since I started in the security world, I have not stopped researching, developing and sharing. Below you will find some of the projects and research to which I have dedicated the most time.



Logo Title Description Link
Kraken A modular multi-language webshell (PHP, JSP, ASPX) focused on web post-exploitation and defense evasion. repository
Mistica An open source swiss army knife for arbitrary communication over application protocols. repository



Logo Title Type Description
Hc0n, 2023 Talk Kraken - A modular multi-language webshell
Navaja Negra, 2022 Workshop Design and deploy your own private infrastructure
BlackHat Arsenal USA, 2020 Talk Mística: Anything is a tunnel if you're brave enough - Covert channels for everyone!
Bitup Alicante, 2020 Talk Covert Channels with Mistica



Logo Title Description Link
LAB.LOCAL A fictitious example of the design and implementation of an organization's Infrastructure. repository
CiberReserva Bitup Alicante 2021 CTF Final Challenge, which simulates a Red Team exercise. repository